Audit work

We perform some 350 audits per year for financial intermediaries. Our audit work is based on the following principles:

Our clients can always understand how we came to our conclusions. We discuss the audit results with our clients before summarising them in the report.

We document our audit work in our working papers to ensure that we can always explain what audits we have performed and what results we have reached. We keep our working papers for ten years in a way that does not allow any subsequent changes ("freezing").

We use the latest audit technologies and existing electronic working tools (electronic working papers and data etc.) for our audits. We typically only print out the report. Thanks to the use of efficient tools and the large number of mandates, we are able to perform our audits at a competitive price.

Impeccable audit quality
We ensure the quality of the audits we perform via an independent review of all audits before the report is handed over to the client and via an annual inspection by our Quality Board.

We comply with our agreements – financially as well as in regard to quality and deadlines. We do not offer services that we cannot perform to an impeccable level of quality. This is why we limit our activities to audits and consulting in the financial sector.