AML Revisions AG was founded in 2013 by five audit firms that wanted to consolidate their audit mandates in the finance sector into a new, specialized company. AML Revisions AG makes sure that expert knowledge is used, that a high quality is guaranteed and that accreditation requirements are always observed.
Since its foundation in 2013, AML Revisions AG has undergone continuous development:


Foundation of AML Revisions AG with five partner companies: Tschumi + Partner Treuhand AG (Bern), Bösch & Rinderer Revisions AG (Buchs SG), Fidag Audit SA (Geneva), Moritzi Treuhand AG (Zollikon), BERET AG (Zurich).


Successful accreditation as DSFI audit company by FINMA and start of activities as AMLA auditor.
Cooperation with ASMA Asset Management Audit & Compliance SA, Geneva, with branches in Zurich and Lugano ( ASMA is a state-supervised audit company, accredited for audits according to CISA (Swiss Collective Investment Schemes Act).


Opening of branches in Baden and Lugano.
Accreditation as a state-supervised audit company by the Swiss Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA).
Extract from the FAOA register


Successful accreditation as an audit company for various SROs in the context of the changes in the AOA (Swiss Audit Oversight Act).


New and larger head office facilities in Zurich-Altstetten.
Opening of another branch in Lucerne.


Opening of another branch in Basel.


Opening of another branch in Zug.